Specialist to measure and control DO, pure oxygen, CO2, ozone, temperature, pH, redox etc. etc.
Provides Stationary Oxygen Systems, Oxygen & Temperature Probes, Hand Held Instruments, pH and Redox/ORP Instruments, CO2 instruments, PPB Level DO Measurement, Salinity Instruments, TGP Instruments.


Pulsarlube Automatic lubricator

Techlab Systems (TLS) provides quality solutions in Testing Machines for Packing and Packaging, Corrugated Board, Cardboard, Paper and Pulp including Validator Compression Testers, Burst Testers, Friction Testers, Internal Bond Testers, Puncture Testers, Short Span Compression Tester SCT and Sample Cutters to name a few. Solutions that have been tested under the toughest conditions and deliver the highest standards of quality…the true test of your performance.

RME Cleaner
speciality for
cleaner oil, grease
free B3 chemical.
working on PH 10 .
easy for cleaning

speciality for waste paper in import bale and local bale
speciality for measure topography , dynamic penetration to improve quality of the paper
to control web print for news paper.

specialist to measure wide of fiber , bonding strength of the fiber, length of the fiber and dirt, stickes
can be measure off line or on line

save time , Paper and ink for make print spacial color , or color matching
special tools for incoming paper , ink to Quality control.
ISO standard

De-Bug Helps save on maintenance cost
Extendes filter life
Extendes life of injectors and other fuel system
Permanently kills & protects againts microorganism thast pluge & recirculating iol

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The Amsterdam series of testers is a range of flexible, multi-purpose testers with 1, 2 up to a maximun of 6 printing shalfs.Through the use of...

Device for moisture determination of waste paper Quick mobile moisture determination without sampling, to detect moisture in stacks and bales...

Packaging is the fastest growing segment of the print market today. As other segments fight against competing media, packaging becomes...

Benefits Highly cost effective Easy to install and simple to operate Five available dispensing periods from 1 to 12 months Convenient...

Pulsarlube Mi automatic grease lubricator is innovatively designed to detect the operation of industrial rotational machinery by using a...

The Pulsarlube PLC electromechanical automatic grease lubricator is specially designed to be fully integrated as well as be synchronized to a PLC....

The innovative Pulsarlube S has a unique and scientific design which has solved many chronic issues of traditional spring type lubricators. Having...

Train Easier, Train Smarter : introducing SheetSim-SHOTS, the sheetfed press simulator that is hands down the most effective way to train your...

The vast majority of long run print jobs in the world are printed with heatset offset : newspaper inserts, catalogues, magazines, brochures, and...

Newspapers are more colorful and better-printed then ever before. Higher page count for full color and growing expectations from advertisers make...

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PEMAKAIANNYA : Campurkan ke dalambahan bakar diesel atau bensin. TERSEDIA KEMASAN : 354 ml, 4 Ltr. PENGGUNAANNYA: Campurkan 1 ml FC pada 1...

Benefits Highly cost effective Easy to install and simple to operate Five available dispensing periods from 1 to 12 months Convenient...

Benefits Large 500cc grease capacity with long operation period up to 24 months Wide operating temperature range with optional Lithium battery...

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