Electromechanical: Pulsarlube Mi

Pulsarlube Mi automatic grease lubricator is innovatively designed to detect the operation of industrial rotational machinery by using a piezoelectric vibration sensor. This piezoelectric sensor is composed of a ceramic strain transducer attached to a metallic proof mass in order to respond to an externally imposed acceleration. The Pulsarlube Mi periodically checks the operating status of the machinery which it is attached to. As the Pulsarlube Mi receives a vibration signal from the machinery, the unit will dispense an adequate amount of fresh lubricant in line with the operation of machinery. If there is no vibration signal detected, the unit will automatically go into stand-by mode to avoid the problems involving over-lubrication.

Benefits :
- Fully automated lube system
- Clear reservoir that is easy to see the remaining grease inside
- No need for external electric wiring to a motor or other power supplies
- Possible to choose proper high performance lubricants according to
specific environments
- Reliable constant, precise & predictable lubricant supply
- Low maintenance cost, competitive with manual lubrication

Technical Specifications :

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