Mechanical: Pulsarlube S

The innovative Pulsarlube S has a unique and scientific design which has solved many chronic issues of traditional spring type lubricators. Having the ingenious design that contains a spring at the bottom, the Pulsarlube S dramatically diminishes the problem of oil separation. The upward piston movement prevents the possibility of oil dripping due to gravity and also maintains the consistency of lubricant, which in turn reduces the possibility of grease hardening and allows the lubricator to completely empty out its contents. This product is a cost-effective choice for most light- duty industrial applications.

Inverse pressurization
By improving oil separation, lubrication reliability is enhanced, and refilling efficiency is maximized.

Valve design
Selective valve
Easy control of flow rate; the set rate can be changed before use

Initial customer satisfaction
Grease filling in
The adoption of a pressurization locking device makes initial installation more convenient

Controlling the dispensing rate
Easy control
Dial type makes controlling the dispensing rate easy.

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