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Professional for single phase gensets. Industrial for single phase and three phase industrial gensets

Studier housing - Protection - Easier maintenance - Choice of mounting - Taking account of radial stress

Active load enables the study of the most commonly used, current supplied, machines, within the industry.

Choice of solutions and DYNEO solution

Leroy-Somer is a recognised expert in the design and production of wind turbine generators of up to 5 MW, and is also a major player in the design...

LEROY-SOMER PV inverter solutions enable investors to exceed their return on investment expectations through high yield inverter systems.

Dyneo solution : economic and environmental benefits

Low noise inline gearmotor range.

Saving energy is becoming an economic necessity and an obligation for preserving the future of the planet.

Wherever you are, Leroy-Somer service engineers are available to assist you all along your project.

DIGIDRIVE SK Whatever the level of functions required, DIGIDRIVE SK controls induction motors in open loop mode with a very high performance...

Based on the industrial variable speed drive, DIGIDRIVE has been adapted for training use.

Simple starter 18 to 200A DIGISTART D2 : simple, compact starter, with integrated motor protection.

Electronic starters 23 to 1600A Leroy-Somer offers the latest electronic control technologies for managing transient phases in pumps,...

Digitax STs are the first servodrives that enable you to meet these challenges in the industrial drive system environment.

The DMV 242 is a reversible single phase analogue speed controller with 2 full-wave bridges of 4 thyristors presented in an enclosure.

Drive systems and electrical energy production solutions : references in Middle-East, Europe, Asia, Latin America,...

Leroy-Somer's global offer for driving platforms, hoists and construction site lifts with rack and pinion transmission.

A complete range of servo gearmotors.

Dyneo, a new way for energy savings based on permanent magnet technology from 0.75 to 400kW, associated with electronic variable speed inverters....

The new Leroy-Somer high-efficiency motors reduce both energy consumption and manufacturing costs

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