Electromechanical: Pulsarlube M

Programming is extremely user friendly with the press of a single button.

An easy to read LCD screen provides all the necessary information for set up and status of your lubricator and lubrication point.

“Go Green” Pulsarlube M is reusable!

The Automatic lubricator Pulsarlube M has an excessive backpressure sensing capability mode allowing you to trouble shoot this type of condition. This will assist in avoiding the possible catastrophic failure of your rotating equipment.

Test function performs an all points system check on the microprocessor such as dispensing rate, output pressure, LCD display, etc.

High output pressure (30kg/cm2 (430 psi)) allows for remote installation up to 8 points, max 6 meters (20 ft) per point. This permits you to conveniently lubricate hazardous and hard to reach areas.

Easy to read low battery icon indicator.

The M series lubricator contains a unique automatic “Lockout system” to prevent any possible accidental/unauthorized re-programming of the unit after it has been set.
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