Electromechanical: Pulsarlube EX

The Pulsarlube EX lubricator functions upon the same basic principles as the Pulsarlube M.

The EX design has been tested by Underwriter Laboratories and meets the following requirements: UL79, Power-Operated pumps for Petroleum dispensing products.

Certification: Class I, Div. II, Sec. C, D. Where flammable gasses or vapors are present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures.

“Lockout system” prevents any possible accidental/unauthorized re-programming of the unit after it has been set. The EX unit automatically locks the keypad 30 seconds after it has been programmed, and will display a lock icon on the LCD.

The EX unit can be utilized on electric motors as well as other types of equipment subject to hazardous location classification.
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